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Behind the Snapshot: How the Galaxy S21’s AI Improves Your Photos in the Blink of an Eye, Single Take

Capture the Whole Moment With Single Take

Sometimes a single picture or video just isn’t enough to truly capture the moment. Single Take, first introduced on the Galaxy S20 series, aimed to solve that problem by using AI processing to capture multiple pictures and videos simultaneously, then automatically apply post-processing edits.

In the second part of our Behind the Snapshot series, we’ll take a closer look at how the AI behind Single Take on the Galaxy S21 series gives you the power to create instantly shareable photos and videos.

Capture More of the Scene

Backed by more powerful AI, the Galaxy S21 ensures you never miss a moment by expanding the capabilities of Single Take with a duration of five to 15 seconds during which it records video while capturing up to ten photos per second. After capturing your scene, the AI takes over and processes the captured content to deliver up to the ten best photos and up to four video clips.

To find the best photos, the AI analyzes your content to determine which enhancements to apply. With photos of people and pets, for example, it may apply Portrait mode to emphasize the subject. For live events or landscapes, it may use Smart Crop to edit around the most interesting part of the scene or apply a variety of AI filters that adjust color and lighting.

For videos, the AI analyzes the footage for action and scenery. By default, videos receive either the Fast Forward (3x) effect or the new Dynamic Slow-mo effect, which applies slow motion when there is fast action in the scene. Other video effects include Boomerang, Reverse, Highlight video and Scene Relighting (a 24 hour time-lapse video). Results that would take normal users, hours of filtering and editing, Single Take can produce in an instant. So just how does it work?


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