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Enjoy More Immersive S Pen and Audio Experiences on Your Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ with the Latest Device Updates

 Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7+ are versatile tablets designed to provide users with seamless and connected device experiences for work as well as for play.

Following a range of ecosystem-empowering updates that came to Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ last month, several new exciting updates are set to provide users with even more enjoyable S Pen and Galaxy Buds Pro experiences.

Do More With Your S Pen

As part of a software update coming in Q1 2021,1 you will be able to enjoy more continuous experiences with your S Pen. Text box areas conventionally serviced with keyboards – such as address boxes – will now be able to be filled in using your S Pen.2 This means that anything you write in them will instantly be converted into digital text, including punctuation marks – you need to simply draw a ‘v’ between words to leave a space and draw ‘⌒’ to connect separate words.


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