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Galaxy S21: Expert Review Highlights I Samsung

 Hear what the experts have to say on the #GalaxyS21​.

“Samsung's Portrait Mode is now the best Portrait Mode in any smartphone.”

● Marques Brownlee


“Split screen multitasking, pop-up windows, edge panels, the phone powers through anything I wanted to throw at it.”

● Thao Huynh

“They are both OLED, and they have the 120Hz refresh rate, so it's buttery smooth.”

● Krystal Lora

See their full reviews below:

Marques Brownlee: http://youtu.be/tn2AgrwXpNQ​

Marques Brownlee: http://youtu.be/dhAmMXCBIcg​

Thao Huynh: http://youtu.be/Ckql6-OZRp4​

Krystal Lora: http://youtu.be/nyB3QWCD1wo​

Learn more: http://smsng.co/GalaxyS21​

#GalaxyS21​ #SamsungMobile

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