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Landscape Photo Comparison: Galaxy S21 Ultra vs. DSLR Cameras

 Whether we’re soaking in the scenery in a place we’ve always wanted to visit, or watching our child take her first steps, in these unforgettable moments, the first thing we reach for is our camera. You may be wondering, however, which type of camera would be best for each situation – from capturing vast landscapes in frame to focusing on specific objects.

While DSLRs have long been viewed as some of the best cameras for taking high-quality photos, even their staunchest fans would admit that there are some downsides. DSLRs can be bulky and heavy, and they require a variety of lenses – from wide angle to telephoto – to capture various scenes. It’s important to keep that in mind when using a DSLR because the scene you’re capturing will look different depending on the angle of your lens.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra’s camera combines four different lenses – Ultra Wide, Wide-angle, and 3x and 10x telephoto zoom – into one powerful, highly portable package. How does the smartphone’s feature-packed shooter compare to a DSLR? To answer that question, Samsung Newsroom enlisted the help of a professional photographer. Read on to find out how the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s landscape photos compared to those taken with both full-frame and APS-C crop sensor DSLRs.


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