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[Learn Galaxy Buzz Pro] Gamdong in my ears

 #Learn more about Galaxy Buzz Pro's abilities

#How Wow can you use Buzz Pro in your daily life?

Going to do it now with Jang Seong-gyu!

✨ Petite, compact #design​

✨ #Intelligent noise canceling that reduces the sound of music by detecting my voice​

✨ Rich #sound from high to low

✨ #Waterproof function to use with confidence​

[Experience the Galaxy To Go service]

Galaxy To Go service without any conditions! For 3 days! For free!

Experience the Galaxy Buds Pro

From Galaxy Studio to April 30⌛


✨ Stores available for rental: Mobile Store Hi-Mart Jamsil Branch, Digital Plaza Hongdae Branch, Digital Plaza Samsung Daechi Branch, Digital Plaza Gangnam Main Branch, Digital Plaza Gangbuk Main Branch, Digital Plaza Bucheon Jungdong Main Branch

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※ It is not recommended to continue using the earbuds in water.

※ Water-soaked earbuds must be thoroughly dried and worn.

※ Some situations in the video are presented to help you understand and may differ from the actual situation.

※ The ambient sound listening function can be set in a total of 4 steps.

※ Ambient sound listening function can be set in the Galaxy Wearable app.

※ Up to 99% noise reduction is possible depending on the surrounding environment (blocks up to 99% background noise at 118.43Hz)

※ Conversation detection on/off is possible in the Galaxy Wearable app.

※ When the user stops the conversation, it automatically returns to the state before the conversation was detected.

※ IPX7 waterproof rating applies only to earbuds, not case.

※ IPX7 is a class capable of waterproofing for up to 30 minutes in a maximum depth of 1M in clean water.

※ For inquiries regarding the Galaxy To Go service, please contact the following.

Operation Secretariatㅣ02-3288-2028, galaxys21studio@gmail.com (Operating hours 10:00~22:00)

※ When visiting the store, you must bring your ID (resident registration card, driver's license, passport) to use To Go service products.

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