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[Tekitok] What if there is no one earphone? Do this first!

 SmartThings Find to find lost Galaxy devices

Can you find one of the earphones?

What principle and how to find it, and

Even the best tips for finding non-Galaxy devices!

Tekitok that generously informs everything!

An average of 5 minutes per day, which saves time to find things.

Would you like to hear about SmartThings Find & Smart Tag together?

1:14​ opening

1:46​ What is SmartThings Find?

3:07​ Finding one of the lost earphones

4:16​ What is the Galaxy Smart Tag used for?

5:41​ What is the BLE technology installed in the Galaxy Smart Tag?

6:10​ Information protection technology through strong security!

7:56​ Summary

※ This filming complied with the social distancing step 2.5 quarantine rules and was conducted after site disinfection.

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