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World's first mobile phone with a 7.1 speaker system and Vista

Just when I thought that phones with crazy speaker designs (super radio phone and 6 speaker iPhone clone) can't get any crazier this one comes along and surprises me. It has a 7.1 speaker system which is supposed to deliver great treble and bass. From the pic, there appears to be 9 speakers. The phone features:

- 3.5 inch QVGA 260k color touchscreen
- transparent protective lid
- bluetooth stereo
- 2 mega pixel camera
- microSD support
- measures 119x64x16.5 mm
- weighs 118 grams
- comes with 2000 mAh battery
- Microsoft Windows Vista operating system (WTF?)

This is just total madness...although this phone does interest me a bit...

Pics from here


  1. ams to be a fake, the website is selling it for 150$ US.
    And the product description is a bunch of random words like a spam email

  2. I don't think it is a fake. It is also listed at www.m8cool.com. Thanks for visiting my site.

  3. I have bought this mobile phone myself and I can say that it isn't fake, the only thing wat's wrong on this list is that the phone isn't running on Vista but on Windows Mobile 5.

  4. Hi. Say how is the sound from the speakers?

  5. hi

    i have this mobile but i don't have any info aout this can anybody tell me ware it is

    this very good mobile for me

  6. wher can i buy this phone. it is not listed in m8cool.com anymore

  7. the sound is great better than my friends' mobile phones, I'm not a pro but I don't think it is really 7.1, Illuminati --> I bought this phone on ebay, in a Hong Kong ebay-shop you can still buy it there, but you yot to find it ;) keywords: LV 998 (name of phone),Golden Apple (company), CECT 998

    By the way there are 2 cameras of 2.0 mpix's, one in front and one on the back side.

  8. I have used this phone from the past one year and found no problems at all, but the only thing thats certainly lacking in the phone is that it hasnt got a JAVA platform so it is not compatible to many of the software available on other phone.s ,,,but however the sound is amazing believe me....Nizil/


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