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Samsung E950 live pics

While the SGH-E950 is reminiscent of the elegant design and luxurious surface material of the successful SGHE900, it features improved design and functions. Equipped with an enhanced touch-panel input method, the phone’s icons change with the function displayed in the main screen to maximize ease of use. It also adopts newly-developed graphical user interface along with more powerful multimedia features ? an enhanced music features, 3.2-megapixel camera and more efficient email and internet access, and hassle-free file downloads. Its luxurious metal-finish is something consumers will lust after.

Wow. That touch panel beneath the screen is quite smart. It changes according to what you are doing. Another innovative idea from Samsung. I wonder if it is easy to use. This will certainly reduce the finger pains I experience from excessive navipad pressing.

Pics from phonedaily

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