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Sony Ericsson Victoria update

Here is some fresh Victoria info from scotsboyuk over at se-nse.

An update on Victoria for you chaps (and chappesses).

It definitely has a 3.2 MP camera and it definitely has AutoFocus too, and it is a Cybershot handset after all. There is no xenon flash, which puts Victoria somewhere between the K550i and the K810i in terms of price. The lens cover is similar to that of the N73, featuring rounded curves at either end. It's around 1cm in width and stretches for almost the complete length of the handset, which, I am told, gives it a feeling not dissimilar to a Sony Cybershot camera. The lens cover may or may not be made of metal, early reports suggest that it is metal, but that isn't 100% confirmed at the moment.

In terms of its dimensions it is actually thicker than the T650, being 14 mm thick, however, it is narrower. The screen measures 1.9''.

There will be five colours to choose from, including Purple. It will be announced on 14th August and the current plan is for it to ship with a 128 Mb memorystick.

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  1. Sounds promising! Is it already in sale?


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