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Tons of live pics of the Nokia N81

We had our first real taste of the N81 yesterday and today a bigger dosage appears for our pleasure. There are tons of pics but it is still of a model and not of the real phone. But hey...it's better than nothing. The phone looks gorgeous in these pics. I like the black shiny plastic despite it being a fingerprint magnet. The phone isn't that thin but I wouldn't consider it thick either...it is thinner than the N80. The phone features a 2.45 inch QVGA 16 million color display and is about 17 mm thick and 10 cm long. It also features micro USB, 3.5 mm connectors, 8 GB internal storage and 2 mega pixel camera with flash. It will be announced on the 29th. Enjoy the pics!



  1. *_* i want one

  2. does this baby have a xenon flash ??

  3. It doesn't have a xenon flash but has a LED. The N82 will have xenon flash though...

  4. Do you know anything about its price? I think it will cost much :(
    And will there be any modifications of N81? maybe with 2-4 GB?


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