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5.1 mega pixel SCNY mobile phone

Here is the SCNY 5.1 mega pixel mobile phone from China...and yes it's not a typo...SCNY...not SONY. It has a dual sided design (like Sony Ericsson), with one side phone and the other a digital camera. It features a 5.1 mega pixel AF camera with xenon flash and optical zoom. It also features face detection and dedicated hardware camera keys. A big 6800 mAh battery promises long operating times. On the phone side is a camera operation optimised key layout and a large touchscreen. All that's missing is some Cyber-shot ripoff label.


  1. 5.1MP and AF and the pics look that bad?

  2. that bad?
    I think they look good, taking in mind the lens are made in china!
    Also, don't mix quality with resolution. ;)

    Better pics than many Nokia phones BTW.


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