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Motorola PremierOne™ Public Sector Applications Portfolio Optimizes New Technology Platform

Keeping communities safer and improving response time with new public safety and public service applications, Motorola’s PremierOne portfolio transforms the way government responds to the community

APCO 2008 – KANSAS CITY (Booth 1414) – 4 August, 2008 – Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) announced its new public sector applications portfolio – PremierOne – the next evolution in public safety and service solutions, which transforms the way agencies operate, collaborate and share information. As a long-standing partner to the public sector, Motorola designed PremierOne to help agencies respond to citizens through operationally intuitive applications with a common platform to access centralized information and tools. Motorola is showcasing its next generation PremierOne computer aided dispatch (CAD), Mobile Data, and 3-1-1 customer service request (CSR) applications at the 74th International APCO conference.

Until now, most government public safety and service agencies have used separate applications on different platforms and formats, leading to high administrative costs, disparate information sources and duplication of information. Motorola’s next generation PremierOne portfolio is comprised of two suites of applications each using a shared services approach to centralize application management and consolidate information sharing. Ultimately, PremierOne provides agencies with a streamlined, cost-effective approach to managing government-wide operations.

Additionally, PremierOne’s location-centric design identifies appropriate resources to promote rapid assignment of personnel and tasks and automate collaboration between agencies. With PremierOne’s common platform approach and feature rich applications, agencies have the tools they need to improve citizen response, optimize services and effectively mobilize response teams within their communities.

“Motorola understands the changing, dynamic environment of public safety and public service and continues to invest in robust, intuitive applications through new architecture and emerging technologies,” said Girish Rishi, vice president and general manager Motorola Applications and Data Solutions. “We're proud to announce PremierOne as the latest solution in an already industry leading government portfolio, which enables our customers to deliver best in class service”

PremierOne gives agencies a more flexible, scalable and robust common technology platform enabling information sharing and integration across the government enterprise to improve responses in both day-to-day and emergency situations. Access to PremierOne solutions, both in the office and in the field, ensures information is always available for mission-critical tasks. PremierOne applications include an updated intuitive user interface to create seamless interactions and rapid situational response. The application portfolio also includes workforce automation to streamline government operations for more cost-effective citizen response, resource allocation and incident management.

With nearly 80 years of experience in the government and public safety market, Motorola has a keen understanding of the unique needs of agencies. Motorola is committed to ensuring that communicating with technology becomes second nature to government and public safety officials. With the help of user-centric design, Motorola has updated the CAD, Mobile Data and CSR applications to optimize response efficiency. The PremierOne application portfolio is another way that Motorola provides mission critical Solutions to government and enables a real-time view for the communities it serves.

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