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Motorola showed official photographs of its iDEN clamshell phone Motorola i9

In anticipation of the Christmas holidays, the company Motorola posted on its website pictures of its new mobile phone Motorola i9, designed to work in networks iDEN. Unfortunately, standard iDEN is not something available at the open spaces of our homeland, so on and on nearby areas, too. Therefore, i9 will be able to try in the first residents of the North American continent - the homeland of the standard. But we can only look at the photos of the phone, which represents a symbiosis of two models of the company - RAZR and the Rapture VU30. From the first model won a novelty form of a second the whole concept, ranging from keys and touch keys on the outside of the raskladushki to design disclosure ...

As can be seen in the above photos, Motorola i9 has built 3.1 MP camera, and the availability of key management player and a camera around the outside of your screen at once spoken on the availability of multimedia capabilities i9. And, depending on the status of the phone (portrait or landscape) or his regime will be podsvechivatsya and keys. Of the remaining capacity of the phone is worth noting the existence of support GPS navigation, Bluetooth and became the calling card iDEN standard feature PTT.

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