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Archos has announced two media and the Vision mini-player Clipper

The company announced the new Archos players 2 Vision, 3 Vision and Clipper. Vision series differs best combination of price and quality, said a manufacturer. Archos Model 2 is equipped with Vision 2-inch touch display and 8 GB of internal memory, is also among its features microSD-slot, and FM-receiver. Archos 3 Vision - this media with a 3-inch touch screen, 8 GB internal memory, microSD-slot, and FM-transmitter for sending music to the car speaker system. In addition, 3 Vision, as opposed to the 2 Vision, supports playing video. In autumn the company will also release the media from Vision 4 and 7-inch displays.

In addition, Archos introduced the mini-player called Clipper. The device weighs only 20 grams is intended solely for playing music, it has no display, and the volume of internal memory is 2 GB. Price Archos 2 Vision, 3 Vision and Clipper is $ 82, $ 147 and $ 33, they appear in the UK and possibly in other European countries in August. A September 15 announcement of a MID from Archos, based on Android.

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