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Olliance Group Recruits Industry Veteran Bill Weinberg to Lead New Mobile Open Source Practice

New practice will focus on technology, business, compliance and community to help mobile ecosystem players deploy and monetize open source software.

Palo Alto, CA - Olliance Group has announced that William “Bill” Weinberg, analyst, consultant and founder of Linux Pundit, is joining the firm as Senior Executive and Practice Manager of the company’s new Mobile Open Source Practice. This practice will encompass open source platforms, applications and services that enable and add value to mobile phones, emerging mobile/wireless devices (netbooks, webpads, etc.) and other intelligent devices.

“Mobile computing is the next frontier for open source,” commented Andrew Aitken, Founder and Managing Partner of Olliance Group. “The complexity of the mobile/wireless ecosystem presents both challenges and opportunities for using and monetizing open source software. Bill’s deep industry background and domain expertise will help Olliance Group clients realize the greatest benefit from open source software in the mobile and wireless marketplace.”.

Bill Weinberg brings two decades of open source, mobile and embedded technology experience to Olliance. As General Manager of the Linux Phone Standards Forum, he drove specification and standardization of open source mobile telephony platforms. While Senior Analyst at Open Source Development Labs, Bill launched OSDL’s Mobile Linux Initiative and ran the Carrier Grade Linux working group for standardizing telecommunications. Bill was also a founding team member at MontaVista Software, pioneering Linux and open source for intelligent device applications in consumer electronics, mobile telephony, and other areas.

Today, Bill’s Linux Pundit consultancy addresses the business of mobile and embedded open source in areas as diverse as mobile virtualization, user interfaces, development tools, market strategy, developer programs and community building. Bill continues to support open source adoption at conferences and webinars, and through prolific publication and blogging, and will carry these activities into his role with Olliance.

The Olliance Mobile Open Source Practice will leverage the firm’s extensive network of business relationships and experience in navigating the complexities of open source partnering and community development. The Practice consists of distinct services for going to market with mobile open source software, including strategy, business models and marketing; licensing and compliance; technology evaluation and software architecture; community development and partnering programs. It will focus on four key aspects of developing and deploying open source software in mobile devices and applications: technology, business, compliance and community. The practice audience includes technology providers, device manufacturers, carriers and operators, software vendors and industry groups.

About Olliance Group

Olliance Group is the leading open source business and strategy consulting firm. Its mission is to help clients capitalize on the strategic, technological, and financial benefits of open source software. Clients include Fortune 500 enterprises, independent software vendors, start-up firms, venture capital groups and government entities. Olliance’s unique position and experience in the open source ecosystem strengthens its core areas of expertise including open source strategy development, community building, sales and marketing strategies, IP management and compliance, and mergers and acquisitions.

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