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New Sony Ericsson Satio clone

If the iphone has caused the appearance of your审美疲劳but you do not want to give up such a performance, then the mobile phone, it may pay attention to this hero of today's H801. A cool hero and H801, is also injected elements such as matte, feel quite good. Atmosphere with 3.2-inch 260,000-color mirror the design of large flat-screen touch screen, the hero can not hide H801 fashion business is in the air. With the Sony camera is somewhat similar to the appearance of a hero not only H801 is equipped with two million pixels, dual cameras and flash, and tailored for this purpose "plated" professional as lens protector. The same with the iphone-up menu of the 3D flat to support the flip slide, the water-like control that brought us no less than pleasant iphone. H801 heroes not only in appearance a big fuss, as well as continuation of the phone山寨powerful in functional style. Set H801 heroes wifi high-speed wireless Internet access, java 2.0 unlimited download, install games, worldwide analog TV, gravity sensing to accelerate the mainstreaming of these current-in-one, excellent audio-visual multi-media entertainment is one feature. And up to 13 more than the integration of the national language, no doubt to allow more foreign friends can enjoy a smooth stylish appearance of this powerful atmospheric features a full range of mobile phones!

MTK platform operating system
Dual-card dual-core functions to be, analog TV, FM FM radio, wifi internet
Built-in games 2 general games, 1 gravity dynamic games, support java2.0 expansion can be unlimited download, install a variety of jar games
Background music players support MP3 playback, to set the equalizer, echo sound, stereo surround sound effects, etc., can be enhanced bass settings, playback speed, support for Bluetooth stereo output, Bluetooth headset
Video 3GP, MP4 support full-screen playback
E-books txt, support TXT format e-books a large number of downloads, visit
Radio stereo speakers, headphones do not need to外放may from time to time recording
2 million pixel camera pixels
Photographs described maximum support 1600 * 1200px photo output, support for audio 3GP format camera, the time based on memory size
Data applications
Body memory memory 4.8MB / own 1GB memory card maximum support 4G TF card expansion
Expansion of support for Java, Bluetooth file transfer, Bluetooth headset (voice), Bluetooth music (stereo)
Data transmission wifi, direct data lines, card reader, Bluetooth file transfer, Bluetooth headset (voice), Bluetooth music (stereo)
Picture format jpg, gif
Java extension of Java 2.0
Basic functions
Optional language Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Italian, German, French, Russian, Vietnamese, Arabic, Spanish, Persian, Turkish, Portuguese
800 group contacts the fuselage phones, support for caller ringtones, caller groups, call blacklist, call background sound
SMS / MMS 160 SMS, support MMS
Switch machine support machine timer switch
5 Group alarm clock, alarm clock, customizable alarm Mon-Sun, to set the Snooze time
Ringtone format mp3, mp4
Speaker independent speaker
Call function calls blacklist, call background sound
Other features MP3 function, MP4 functions, hands-free calls, Short Message, recording function, WAP function, handwritten input, radio features, Bluetooth, GPRS download, MMS MMS, memory expansion, e-books, calls firewall, dual-card dual - to be dual-Bluetooth, IP call, calendar, alarm clock, calculator, exchange rate, unit, stopwatch, world time, a memorandum, mobile QQ, MSN, call background sound
Appearance / screen
Handwritten form factor
Size of 112 × 55 × 14mm
Weight 118G
Optional color black
Screen material / type of color screen
260,000 color screen color number
Resolution of 240 × 400px
3.2-inch screen size
Package weight 0.65
Basic parameters
Time to market 2009-08-21
Other types of cell phone type
The application of mobile phone business crowd
标准配置 电池(2800毫安)/充电器/耳机/数据线/1GB TF卡
The application of the frequency of 900/1800MHz
Standard GSM network
280-380 minutes talk time
260-360 hours standby time
Shifting保换warranty for seven days / six months warranty

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