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In the cinema there were Russian-language films YouTube

Google has announced that it has launched a section on YouTube, "Cinema", which is now available in more than 400 legal full length movies in Russian. They can watch for free.

To draft YouTube «Cinema» Cinema Concern joined the "Mosfilm" film studio "Lenfilm" and "Odessa Film Studio", a film studio to them. Gorky Film Star Media, and others.

More than 400 new bands, both classic and modern, is now available for free at http://www.youtube.ru/movies . As promised the company, find the picture is not difficult - all the films distributed in 13 categories, among which we find comedies, dramas, animation and documentary films. Right now you can watch "12 Chairs", "Guest from the Future", "Ivan Vasilyevich Changes His Profession" and other classics of Soviet cinema. In addition to our film, under the best available classic films and new Hollywood, Bollywood, etc.

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