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Subject: Sony Xperia the ion LT28i International Version, the high texture of the metal wind handedly evaluation

Xperia ion Taiwan debut
Do you remember at the CES Consumer Electronics Show, equipped with a 4.6 inches large screen HD resolution, plus 1,200 high-pixel camera flagship posture appeared the Xperia the ion LT28i you? Interpersonal the Xperia ion LT28i release can be said that has aroused the attention of all walks of life, but at that time, Sony will be the aircraft positioning for AT & T exclusive models, I believe many people feel quite sorry. Think of today, Sony will be organized a the Xperia ion LT28i meet in Taiwan for the first time will be quick to come and feel this overbearing Xperia ion LT28i high texture attractive.

Exquisite metal designs, specifications tough re-enhancement
The Xperia ion LT28i is attractive, the biggest feature is not only equipped with with Xperia S LT26i same 12MP camera and made ​​a lot of improvement, and more on the hardware specifications, including the screen to increase to 4.6 inches, Built-in battery capacity from 1,750 upgrade mA to 1,900 mA, but also support external memory card up to 32GB, but the built-in storage capacity from 32GB reduced to 16GB. In my own experience, although the built-in capacity of a small point, but can the card is still relatively a lot easier.

Xperia the ion LT28i specifications
‧ ‧ Qualcomm Snapdragon S3 MSM8260, the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich system can be upgraded to 1.5GHz dual-core processor ‧ 1GB RAM / 16GB ROM, ‧ 4.6-inch 1280 x 720 pixel capacitive touch screen , 16.7 million color display ‧ Support SONY Bravia Engine, image technology ‧ 12.1-megapixel Sony Exmor R camera supports 1080p video / Front 1.3 million pixel camera

‧ Compact futuristic aluminum-magnesium alloymetal body design
‧ Support up to 32GB microSD card expansion
‧ Built-in 1900mAh battery

The ▲ Xperia the ion LT28i to screen upgrade since high-regulatory models in the mainstream size, 1280 x 720 screen still maintaining excellent visual effects. ▲ the the Xperia ion LT28i main ethnic groups located in the 30 to 45-year-old successful male consumers, the purification of the appearance is really very suitable for business people behind I will have more the appearance of photo sharing. The way, the author's goal is to become a successful person, it seems I also need an the Xperia ion to match . ▲ 4.6-inch screen, but also enhance the visual effect The exclusive Sony technology, such as: the BRAVIA Engine and No Air Gap technology Xperia the ion LT28i body also not absent. ▲ Sony has always stressed is to make the user experience beyond the experience of "smart phones", for example, you can take advantage of the the Xperia ion LT28i exclusive Live the Dock can make the trial easy audio and video phone sharing and connection, so that the phone is not just mobile phones, and more to become the entertainment center in your life. ▲ and Xperia S at the same level, 1,200-pixel camera, I would like the Exmor R sensor excels, we all know it! The mobile phone manufacturers, more and more emphasis on the performance of the music sound, so xLOUD, Clear Audio technology is also equipped with the Xperia ion LT28i. ▲ Specifications face, Xperia positioning ion LT28i, is quite high-end, Xperia S has, in Xperia ion LT28i, no lack.
Followed by the appearance of detail , let us savor what the Xperia ion LT28i design, I particularly interested in a metallic finish of the product, after all, metal is better able than the plastic to create an inarticulate high texture, in addition, although Xperia Founder shape S and the Xperia ion LT28i in appearance, but the Xperia ion LT28i canceled the zona pellucida design, the front part of the whole mirror screen design, but to bring out the restrained sense compared to the Xperia S, while the back of the metal material The tegmental more phones domineering off out of. Laudable the Xperia ion LT28i also configured very convenient physical shutter button, but also the Xperia S similar soft material charging hole cover into a more solid material. On the whole, I personally give high the Xperia ion LT28i the appearance of the evaluation.

▲ Xperia ion LT28i mirror screen design, simple and low-key, very nice. ▲ back cover design I drool, part of the upper and lower two non-metallic material is to configure the antenna, but because the sense of symmetry, it will not make people feel very awkward. The ▲ left side of the fuselage configuration of the HDMI port Micro USB charging hole. Cutting edge design makes the side look slimmer. ▲ right side of the body with the power button, volume control keys, entity praised the shutter button. ▲ 3.5mm headphone jack is set in the center of the set-top. The ▲ manhole cover material to the more rigid the material, I believe that compared to the Xperia S manhole cover insecurity, have made ​​great progress. ▲ lens design becomes relatively high-profile, vested with the full sense. Special mention, the Xperia ion is also the Sony family of a small number of no configuration ornaments hole cell phone, I think also because of the relationship of its positioning. ▲ As for the Micro SIM and Micro SD slot in the machine's back side, the lid opened the can be seen after. (Brushed praised ) ▲ One, X-to-one comparison, the two body height is quite consistent, screen size, there was only 0.1 inches, and also has a good screen performance. ▲ this point of view the problem cause Xperia ion LT28i looks like some, in fact, the size quite close. Rounded, with Founder different styles, but two phone's back cover design I liked. ▲ photos not fun? I also as you are ready to movies, to give readers their first look at a completely thorough yo !

System and run sub-

system interface:

▲ Sony has always been smoke style, in the main menu interface is the same with the Xperia S. ▲ currently the Xperia ion LT28i with Xperia S as Android 2.3.7 system version on the internal configuration are similar. ▲ App available installation space of about 2GB; management of RAM Oh, the available boot value to 474MB. ▲ Sony's unique offerings of technology in the the Xperia ion LT28i body to see.

Performance run:

The ▲ security Bunny run is divided into 6521, be regarded as a good performance of dual-core machine. ▲ screen support to the touch of 10:00. The Quadrant run is divided into 2958.

In fact, running parts of or reference like, after all, running to points vary with the actual performance of the number of As for the Xperia ion LT28i smoothness kinda makes satisfaction, I also recorded a video to give you a period of actual use trial, take a look .

Music features
Sony's music performance has not let the fans down in the Xperia the ion LT28i who passed down the same good genes, at the interface with the Xperia S, but this part of the sound quality really follow the words to make the narrative, the author simply show a few music interface map to share with you.

▲ music interface classification is also very pretty. ▲ music players can show the album cover art. Equipped with the Clear Bass, sound technology ▲ equalizer and surround sound field part of the set, so that the user can choose the most suitable type of headphones and listening experience. ▲ I really like this headset surround sound selection interface that looks super professional.

Since the camera claims to the same high-pixel camera with Xperia S, that the actual camera performance should not let you down is not only mobile phone is the same interface, configure the real shutter button the Xperia ion LT28i same has Xperia the NXT series The snapshot feature supported by 1.5 seconds, the reaction speed of the camera quickly, the camera speed so I am quite satisfied with is the 2012's Xperia series, HTC one series and iPhone 4s. But Sony said that the phone is still in beta stage, and in fact how many will drop in city version, I took a few real pictures to you to be a reference, I believe that when listed should only be better not worse!

The ▲ Xperia phone can be set in the camera interface very much details, just like consumer camera to use is very similar to, if you love taking pictures of the master will feel more playability contrast. Rear lens stars share the front lens stars share

, after all, with the listed versions for comparison is somewhat unfair to One, X- stars , camera rating has always been the readers most want to know one, so I also took a group of photos to allow you to make a comparison, when Xperia ion LT28i actually are, we will for you readers to do a detailed comparison.

▲ the the Xperia ion LT28i (left), HTC the one X-(right).

Xperia ion only black models , selling price and time to market yet
very refined appearance, impressive hardware performance, and ultra-high pixel camera, the author for Xperia ion LT28i have a great first meeting experience, but the Xperia ion the positioning of LT28i is also quite clear, that is, the business elite, to the author of several example take the handsome tough style smartphone, in addition to Xperia outside ion LT28i,, probably only the MOTO RAZR family design of the phones are very own style, but also show a remarkable sense of stable amplifier. See here, the reader must like me, the beginning of the restoration the Xperia ion LT28i listed day right around the corner, but Sony said that the current time to market with suggested price are not yet finalized . Finally fight to the International Corporation, listed on the Hong Kong and Taiwan ( Mainland licensed will be soon ), the first time let the Xperia ion LT28i with you to see a face, while listing only black models (if any gold or red in fact, is also cool.) However, I believe, since Office meeting, according to Sony has always been an active style, you should not let you wait too long Yo, let us wait and see this handsome Xperia ion LT28i.

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