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Nokia: Windows Phone 7.8 update is still not

The update to the Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone 7.8 gets, is not yet available for download. That says a spokesman for Nokia from Tweakers. The update will be rolled out as planned in early 2013 via Zune desktop software.

If the update is already sees in management Zune, Nokia, according to a pre-production device, a phone that was created before the phone officially in the stores. These include more specimens to test for developers and media. People who have the device after its release through retail channels have purchased, get the update yet. Users receive a message from the phone when the update can be installed, says Nokia.

Sunday arrived messages out about the update through Zune to install anything, but Nokia speaks thus against. "We are responding, because otherwise people disappointed and waiting for the update," said spokesman Stella Jansen.

Windows Phone 7.8 brings several new features, including the redesigned home screen with live tiles in size adaptable. Also, the Bing wallpaper on the lockscreen are shown and there are themes in more colors. The firmware is through Navi Firm and Nokia Care Suite on the phone to flash, but that is no official way to set the update feature.


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