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Huawei and China Mobile Jointly Win ‘Most Promising MEC Trial’ Award

Huawei and China Mobile (Sichuan), jointly won the ‘Most Promising MEC Trial’’ award at the 2nd Mobile Edge Computing Congress in Munich, Germany, held from September 20 to 22, 2016.

This award was presented for the commercial deployment of mobile big data services based on indoor and outdoor accurate positioning. This award signifies broad recognition of the constant efforts made by Huawei and China Mobile to tap into the full potential of an indoor digital economy. It also demonstrates the growing maturity of small cell based MEC innovative application ecosystems.

As remarked by the MEC judging panel, "China Mobile and Huawei are leading in pursuits of transforming operator digital services. China Mobile's success in MEC-based applications represents major breakthroughs and innovations in operator's mobile services and business models. This is going to spur more investment from industrial partners in MEC innovations and deployments to jointly promote the growth and maturity of MEC solutions and industry chains."

Deng Taihua, President of Wireless Network Product Line of Huawei, said, “MEC is an essential application of operator pipeline capability openness. The capability openness of MBB pipelines is the key to ensuring digital transformation for operators and promoting the development of the ICT industry. Huawei hopes to work together with our industrial partners and build an open, cooperative, and innovative win-win ecosystem that will benefit everyone involved."

Over the past year, China Mobile (Sichuan) and Huawei have jointly made enormous efforts to place indoor digital networks in various hotspots, such as large shopping malls, university campuses, office buildings, and sports venues, based on Huawei's innovative LampSite solution. Combined with Huawei's innovative network capability openness platform called Service Anchor, these deployments are able to help the branch operator deliver a superb 4G mobile service experience and various indoor value-added services.

China Mobile (Sichuan) now offers two types of indoor location-based services. In one, Service Anchor platforms are deployed at large shopping malls and campuses to enable value-added internet services based on local positions, such as indoor navigation, vehicle locating, and mobile sign-ins. In the other, massive indoor location data is subject to integration and modeling through China Mobile (Sichuan)'s big data platforms. Based on the analysis results (which make identity sensitive data anonymous), various reports based on human traffic flows are generated and provided to governments, industrial organizations, and enterprises to serve urban construction, public security, business operations, and targeted marketing.

China Mobile (Sichuan) is planning to work together with Huawei to build smarter operator mobile pipelines based on LampSite and Service Anchor platforms to enable service localization and local video broadcasting. This plan aims to bring full play to the mobile edge computing capabilities of operator networks. By so doing, more value-added applications can be offered in various industries and sectors. This is crucial to maximize the potential of operator network pipelines and produce win-win outcomes within industry chains.

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