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Galaxy C9 Pro photos leak, show new antenna design of its non-Pro sibling

Samsung has been busy working on its Galaxy C series once believed to be exclusive to China (the Galaxy C9′s appearance at the FCC in the US puts an end to this theory, though), with the Korean giant having already launched the metal-clad Galaxy C5 and Galaxy C7 in China. The Galaxy C9, a smartphone to tower above the C5 and C7, has been leaked as the next exclusive handset in the series, and as the C5 and C7 get Pro variants (C5 Pro and C7 Pro), so now the Galaxy C9 will follow in the same path with a Pro variant of its own.

We reported earlier in the day that the Galaxy C9 has a new antenna design where the antennas themselves (placed at the top and bottom of the handset’s back cover) match the color of the handset. The reason behind this pertains to aesthetics and design. Most metal-clad smartphones today (think of the HTC 10, for example) feature antenna bands that are usually white, which makes them stand out on aluminum metal rather easily.

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