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[Interview] Efficiency For Good: Inside the Energy-Reducing Technologies of Samsung’s Wind-Free™ Air Conditioners

 The air conditioner is no longer just an appliance for the summer – in addition to cooling capabilities, air conditioners today also come with air purification and dehumidification functionalities. However, knowing that your air conditioner is working around the clock can naturally lead to concerns about high electricity bills and your home’s environmental footprint.

Understanding that this is a real worry for many consumers, Samsung Electronics works tirelessly to make its appliances more energy efficient. For example, Samsung’s Wind-Free™ Air Conditioner features Digital Inverter Boost technology, an energy-saving innovation that reduces the device’s energy consumption by up to 73% compared to traditional fixed-speed type air conditioners.1

Furthermore, the Wind-Free™ Air Conditioner’s Wind-Free™ Mode can even cut energy consumption by 77% compared to the unit’s Fast Cooling Mode, even while at maximum output. Samsung Newsroom sat down with two Samsung engineers to learn more about the Wind-Free™ Air Conditioner and its revolutionary energy-saving technologies.2


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