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Developers see a world of possibilities with new App Store Small Business Program

Philipp Stollenmayer of “Song of Bloom,” Samantha John of Hopscotch, and Adam Oxner and Fares Ksebati of MySwimPro.

Every week, half a billion visitors to the App Store engage with 1.8 million apps, from indie games like “Song of Bloom,” to virtual fitness coaches like MySwimPro, to coding apps for kids like Hopscotch. Many of these apps are created by independent developers driven by a single idea. Oftentimes, these developers maintain full-time careers that ultimately fund their ideas until they are launched into the real world.

Since the launch of the App Store, small businesses have been its driving spirit. Now more than ever, these businesses are core to the communities they serve, helping people stay healthy, connected, and learning. Today Apple unveiled the App Store Small Business Program, a new commission structure to support small and individual developers and spur innovation for the next chapter of apps.

Philipp Stollenmayer, indie game developer.


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