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Galaxy Buzz Live Challenge ④] Will Buzz Live be able to withstand even the narrow tightrope that cuts through the air?

 There are various criteria for users to choose earphones, from the cute design, long usage time, and the ability to filter outside noise, but there are criteria that do not change.

Just fit and stability. As long as it is worn in the ear, it should be comfortable when worn, and in order not to affect media viewing, it should not fall into the big and small shocks in daily life. Especially for wireless earphones.

So, how much shock can the Galaxy Buzz Live endure? The Samsung Electronics Newsroom gave a buzz live to a tightrope master who walks and runs peacefully on a single string. From step 1, jumping into the air, to step 3, with aerial back tumbling.

Was Buzz Live safely plugged into your ears despite the breathtaking movements that continued without rest?

You can check it out in the video below.

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