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The Design Story Behind Samsung’s The Premiere, A Lifestyle Projector Built for Every Environment


Our homes are the spaces that best represent our personal preferences, needs and tastes, much of which presents itself in the way in which we arrange the objects in our living spaces. Understanding that such organization techniques and choices are crucial to users when looking for pieces to add to their homes, the designers at Samsung Electronics have been pursuing a design direction that prioritizes how an object will blend into customer’s homes as well as their everyday lives.

Samsung’s The Serif, released in 2016, was the beginning of the solidification of this design direction as the company began to introduce lifestyle television products. Similarly, The Frame’s picture frame-like design allows the TV to serve as an artistic object when switched off, and The Serif blends in naturally to a space’s aesthetic due to its furniture-like design. Samsung’s latest product, lifestyle projector The Premiere, follows this design trajectory, too.


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