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[challenge! Home Restaurant] Christmas Fine Dining at Home with Bespoke Direct Fire Oven

 The year-end season when carols resonate. This year, many people are planning a quiet and warm holiday at their homes. Still, you can't miss the fun and stylish end-of-year atmosphere, right? Why don't you try a “home restaurant,” where you can dress up your own food and enjoy it with your family? If you are wondering what to do from menu selection to cooking to table setting, please pay attention to this.

With'Samsung Bespoke Direct Fire Oven', fine dining will be opened in our home. You can choose a menu from a dedicated recipe book with over 200 menus, and simply press the button that suits the recipe to create a party food that can capture taste and style at the same time. How easy is it?

Really, is it possible to have'yoalmot' and'gomson'? Food stylist and video creator ‘maji’ will inform you. Watch the video below to see the wonderful home course dishes made with the Samsung Bespoke direct fire oven.

00:19 Making steamed sweet pumpkin nuts

01:10 Making BBQ Whole Chicken

02:08 Table ring and plating tips

02:45 Lasagna making

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