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Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution With New Group Challenge Feature in Samsung Health

 Challenge participants take over 22 percent more steps a day than the average Samsung Health user

Samsung Electronics announced today a brand-new Group Challenge feature in the Samsung Health app1 so you can now open a 10-people friendly health competition and see who can move the farthest or the fastest.

While sheltering at home or holiday feasting may have gotten in the way of your fitness goals, getting back on track does not have to feel daunting. Starting January 12th,2 Galaxy users can simply create a challenge in the ‘Together’ section of the Samsung Health app to see either who can take the most number of steps in a set amount of time; or who can be the first to reach a certain number of steps. Once a challenge is created, you can then invite up to 9 friends to join, even if they are not existing Samsung Health users.


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