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[Better With Bespoke] ① Here’s Why Samsung’s 2021 Appliances Are Putting Customization First


The events of 2020 fundamentally changed the global home appliance industry. Suddenly, our homes were transformed into offices, restaurants, gyms and more, and we now spend significantly more time interacting with our appliances. Over the course of the year, Samsung listened to users’ feedback to understand how these shifts had changed their expectations of home appliances, and analyzed those insights to select a central strategy for 2021: customization.

“Consumers, especially millennials, are spending more time at home and demanding products that enhance their everyday lives with customized features,” said JaeSeung Lee, President and Head of Samsung Electronics’ Digital Appliances Division. “Great, reliable performance is now a basic expectation. The standard for a better, smarter home experience is now decided by how closely appliances can be ‘fit’ to various customer lifestyles.”

Introducing a More Tailored Take on Appliance Design

Customization is already a key feature of Samsung appliances. Guided by a design philosophy first introduced with a project known as Project PRISM, Samsung appliances cater to users’ unique needs, reflecting their lifestyles just as a prism refracts light into various colors.

That customizable, lifestyle-centric philosophy is epitomized by Samsung’s Bespoke refrigerators. The company’s flagship refrigerator lineup was first introduced in Korea in 2019, and has since expanded into global markets. Offering multiple types of modules (1-Door, BMF, 4-Door), along with panels that can be customized with various colors and finishes, the Bespoke range challenges industry norms by empowering users to customize their fridge to their décor, rather than vice versa.


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