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From Stylus to Self-Expression: Looking Back at the Evolution of the S Pen

 Simply pop a ‘pen’ out from your device and immediately start writing – Samsung Electronics’ innovative idea that came to life with the inclusion of the S Pen in the company’s Galaxy Note series 10 years ago has since provided users with unique and enriching device experiences.

Since then, the S Pen has undergone multiple innovations to transform it from a mere stylus into an independent device of its own. For example – you no longer need to rely on just your smartphone to take a picture; the S Pen can do that for you.

The 10 years that have passed since the debut of the S Pen have been filled with countless innovations and challenges. Follow along with us as we chart the evolution of this significant stylus, from its debut as a simple smartphone accessory to its latest form as its own singular category of device.


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