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Samsung and the United Nations Development Programme Welcome Four Young Leaders to Expand Their Commitment to the Global Goals

 These changemakers will work with Generation17’s inaugural cohort of Young Leaders, who have already advanced 10 of the 17 Global Goals in more than 50 countries.

Samsung Electronics today announced that four additional Young Leaders will join Generation17, a joint initiative with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to accelerate progress towards achieving the 17 Global Goals, or the Sustainable Development Goals. Together, they are an urgent call for action around the world to build peace and prosperity for people and the planet by 2030.

“We are proud to expand our mission and use our global reach and purposeful innovations to support a new group of inspirational young activists, who once again share Samsung’s commitment to deliver meaningful solutions that bring communities together,” said Stephanie Choi, SVP & Head of Marketing of the Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics. “These four leaders are integral members of the Galaxy community, and they have our full support and encouragement to continue rallying us all to advance the Global Goals and help build a better future for everyone.”

This group of Generation17 Young Leaders is made up of four visionaries combatting inequality and human rights issues and educating their generation on the Global Goals across Latin America, the Middle East, Asia and Eastern Europe:

Daniel Calarco (Brazil): A 23-year-old human rights activist who founded the International Youth Watch to create better opportunities for young people from marginalized communities.

Nadine Khaouli (Lebanon): A 25-year-old community activist who leads disaster relief efforts for Lebanon in response to the 2020 Beirut Port explosion and the COVID-19 pandemic through her organization Kafe be Kafak.

Yejin Choi (South Korea): A 26-year-old cognitive therapist turned CEO who founded DoBrain, an AI-based mobile app that aims to improve early-education opportunities for children with disabilities.

Yurii Romashko (Ukraine): A 28-year-old transparency advocate who founded the think tank Institute of Analysis and Advocacy that empowers his community to make more informed, data-based decisions in their daily lives.


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