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The black Nokia N95 clone

I found another Nokia N95 clone. It is a candybar design like the first wave of N95 clones (First clone and 5 mega pixel clone). Unlike the other clones, this one is black. It features:

- 3.4 inch 260k QVGA touchscreen
- 4 supersonic bass (whatever that means...) speakers on the back
- 2 mega pixel camera
- microSD support
- 900/1800 networks
- measures 134x62x17 mm
- weighs 150 grams
- supports 2 sim cards (phone has two sim card slots)
- comes with 1150mAh battery

The phone is called Nckia N95. I guess this is the latest trend to replace the "o" with "c" like the Scny Ericsscn Z610.

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