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One good Nokia N93i clone

I have seen many Nokia N93i clones in the past and this has got to be the best one I have seen so far. It is a very good copy despite the fact that they didn't copy it totally. The Nokia name i ripped off but the other labels on the phone were not (no signs of Carl Zeiss for example). The phone has the same twisty design as the real N93i (camera is in same location) and the mirror front. Here are the specs.

- 2.4 inch 260K QVGA touchscreen
- 2 mega pixel camera
- microSD support
- 108×58×25 mm
- weighs 120 grams

It has rather large dimensions and weight...just like the real N93i.

Pics from eemobi


  1. Hey whats the brand of this as i want to buy one

  2. Whats the brand of this?

  3. has anyone ever successfully purchased from eemobi?


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