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Nokia E90 gets cloned

I didn't think that the Chinese would clone the Nokia E90 but yet again I was surprised. It isn't identical to the real E90 but it borrows from the design and form factor. Like the E90 it functions as a candybar with a full screen and keypad on the outside. When flipped open, a full QWERTY keyboard is revealed and another screen with stereo speakers (one on each side). This is perfect for playing games (there is also a gaming navipad) or watching movies. I think this device is pretty cool (besides the fact that it looks like a Nokia E90). Here are the specs.

- external 2.4 inch QVGA 260K color touchscreen
- main 2.8 inch QVGA 260K color screen
- stereo speakers
- full QWERTY keyboard
- full external number keypad
- 1.3 mega pixel camera
- microSD support
- measures 114x57x18 mm
- weighs 125 grams
- nintendo games emulator
- built in support for office documents
- A2DP

Pics from m8cool

1 comment:

  1. my father has just arrived home from china and he gave me a nokia e90. i thought it was original when i first saw it but when i flipped it open... i was like "dang! i thougt it was real" hehehe.. but it's good mobile phone especially the camera. i still love it ofcourse it was given by my father.


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