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Motorola W755, Nokia 2605 and 7205 for Verizon pics

Phonearena published some spy pics of new phones from Motorola and Nokia for the Verizon network.

Motorola W755
- 1x and EVDO for data transmition
- 1.3 mega pixel camera
- small external display (same size as the K1m) with touch sensitive buttons located around it for controlling music playback control, bluetooth and volume
- microSD support
- 80 MB built in memory
- 5 Themes included: Classic and Youth (as on the Z6c), Personalizer, Messenger, and Vapor
- Bluetooth profiles: Imaging, DUN, Handsfree Voice Gateway, OBEX File Transfer, OBEX Push, SPP
- mini USB

Nokia 2605
- 1x for data
- VGA camera
- external display
- 25 MB of built in memory (no expandable memory)
- bluetooth
- four themes are included: Classic, Balloon, Bamboo, and Gumball
- micro USB

Nokia 7205
- a more advanced version of the 2605
- 1x and EVDO
- 2 mega pixel camera
- bluetooth
- external display (vertical)
- slim design

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