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Sony Ericsson Paris – the story of one affordable device

Mobile-review have posted a very interesting article about the Sony Ericsson Paris. Here are the final paragraphs from the article.

The Paris looks more like Sony Ericsson’s attempt to settle down in the segment of touchscreen devices before Motorola or Nokia make it there. In my opinion, this is a niche-aimed solution that is not like the G900 (which has all what it takes to turn into a widely adopted device). The Sony Ericsson Paris will be sort of a late call and too few will really crave for its QWERTY keyboard. It’s pretty difficult to find a scenario where its sales numbers will be stellar. UIQ-based devices will see an all-round new platform only towards the end of Q2 2009, when the maker will switch to new models with upgraded and enhanced specs, and as for today, Sony Ericsson is trying to get the maximum out of its old solutions and platforms. And the fact is, they have already approached the upper limit there, when it's no longer possible to take their ideas in the top segment any further in view of insufficient computing power and performance.

More images of the Paris will be leaked very soon, but this time around, there will be more angles and better quality (which is crucial) – we will update this article with them as soon as possible. Stay tuned for more!

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