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Tons and tons of new Sony Ericsson Paris live pics

Here are tons and tons of pics of the Sony Ericsson Paris by gliatiotis over at mobile-review. Here are his comments on the phone.

Apart from booting up and some power-hungry applications that can't be optimized any further , in menu navigation and executing most common tasks , the phone feels and probably is a little faster than P1/w960 generation and even slightly faster than the G700/G900 one .

When i first tokk it in my hands , it gave the impression of a new/faster phone and it was only after running some "heavier" tasks like the browser that i realized it's the same old platform .

The display looks more like a 2.6" one
The sound quality is fairly good , but nowhere near N81 , 5610 , 5310 , i560 etc
Bst-33 with 960mAH
I will post some more pictures later , both of the phone and from the phone
No unfortunately it is not possible to use the memory card to save incoming messages

5mpix camera
GPS with a-GPS and google maps and wayfinder
2.6" screen
960mAH battery
qwerty keyboard / touch sensitive buttons
Widgets application
New browser version
Same camera application as in G900 with the ability to focus in any point the user touches on the screen
Newer UIQ version

I am still discovering some of them , since the phone came with no real description of it's characteristics and almost "no name"

The phone is at the pre-production level , with most of it's feauters already ready , and some of the customization needed for each market .
All the phones that i have seen in the past at the same level , never changed in features by their release date .


  1. I am unable to understand why this device is so much hyped ?


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