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fringTM releases API and shares mobile-internet freedom

fring™ enriches its mobile-internet experience, enabling web-developers to take their applications mobile to the fring community, leveraging fring’s core network & client API

LONDON, fring™ released the fringAPI™, bringing fringsters a potentially unlimited selection of mobile games, tools, services and communities to enrich their mobile-internet experience.

The fringAPI™ enables third-party web-developers using only XML and JavaScript know-how to bring the fring community new mobile applications and mobile versions of web-based applications, providing access to fring client GUI with web browser extensions and basic phone functions. Tightly integrated within fring, all new applications are enriched with fring’s built-in presence indicators including real-time awareness of users’ presence (online, away, offline, or in a call). Users will benefit from a rich, augmented experience combining a selection of new mobile applications with fring’s award-winning service featuring VoIP talk, multi-community chat, online presence, file transfer, 3G-Wi-Fi auto-roaming and more interaction between fring users (fringstersTM) and their online buddies.

“We built the fring community by harnessing and bringing our users the benefits of internet communication & experience, within the challenging mobile environment. By opening the fringAPI, we are now sharing our “mobile-internet key” to let talented developers worldwide add-on any flavor of mobile internet fun and functionality for our users to enjoy.” Explained Alex Nerst, Co-Founder and CTO of fring. “We’re looking forward to the ride, welcoming the worldwide pool of talented developers to join us in creating the best and broadest selection of mobile internet applications via fring.”

Any fringAdd-on™ application is automatically integrated into the fring interface free of charge with strict privacy control, and becomes widely accessible to fringsters on hundreds of devices1 across platforms, service providers and communities. The fringAPI is currently available for fring clients for Nokia S60 v9.2 and additional devices and platforms will be added in the coming weeks. Developers can obtain information and documentation from the Developer Zone at http://developers.fring.com.

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