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iPhone Stylish Screen Protector

To protect your iPhone and give it an incredible style.

Price US$12.00 from brando

Show off your iPhone with this iPhone Stylish Screen Protector, almost impossible to detect, clear transparent screen guard offers ultimate protection against scratches and dirt.

iPhone Stylish Screen Protector offers a high visible light transmission, which has minimal effect on the brightness of your iPhone display. It reduces the strain of your eyes by filtering the UV light emitted from your display.
iPhone Stylish Screen Protector use cast vinyl with a special patented adhesive that allows you to remove and reapply the iPhone Stylish Screen Protector.

How to use it?
1.Start with a clean device and place the device on a flat place.
2.Remove the cover from its backing and looking straight down, carefully lower the iPhone Stylish Screen Protector onto the device.
3.Once the iPhone Stylish Screen Protector touches the device and bonds, take care not to touch the adhesive side.
4.align the exposed section with the edges of LCD screen. Make sure the iPhone Stylish Screen Protector has been placing straightly.
5.Peel off the mask with the provided sticker after application completed.

Supported Models:
iPhone 4GB / 8GB/ 16GB

Package Content:
One Front Protector and One Back Protector

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