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Corsair Voyager Port - a tool for backing up

The company Corsair today announced the release of its portable solutions backup Voyager Port for flash drives USB. Voyager Port turns any USB flash drive into a powerful backup system that works by pressing a button. Voyager Port does not require external power source and is equipped with a USB 2.0 port for high-speed USB flash drives last generation.

Voyager Port is fully integrated with the accepted program for backup and recovery NovaBACKUP 10, which is part of the package and provides a convenient preservation and restoration of important user data. Just click backup Voyager Port, and important documents, photos, contacts, email, music and other data will be always with you.

"The most important personal data, for example, documents, spreadsheets, PDF-files and presentations are usually held only a few gigabytes on your hard disk, resulting in large hard drives for backup use unproductive - continues Carlton. - According to our data, folder "My Documents" for more than 80% of users took less than 64 GB, and more than 85% of users regularly moves less than 64 GB of data between different machines, it shows that USB flash drives are an effective method of backing up user data, but with the advent devices, high-capacity still enough room to record your favorite music, photos and even movies. "

Voyager Port in conjunction with a USB flash drive capacity of 32 or 64 GB is also a convenient solution of the full backup for laptops and notebooks, with a smaller capacity of the main store.

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