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GLONASS can occur in automobiles VAZ

AvtoVAZ already this year, may begin to equip their car satellite navigation system. Of course, this is not a GPS-receiver, but the domestic analogue - GLONASS browser. Information about this came from an independent PR-specialist Marina Rozhkova. Thus, the project in the first phase is planned to equip such systems of 10-15 thousand cars on the assembly line AVTOVAZ in 2009. In 2010 a similar system is also planned for installation on cars Kalina family (in some configuration). At the moment the project is at final stages of negotiation. The first phase of the project is estimated at several tens of millions of dollars.

Not surprisingly, the project is actively lobbying the government, because such a "forced" installation GLONASS will create a consumer market for domestic navigation system - a task that has not yet been able to solve by any other means of public incentives. Moreover, the project actively "pedaliruetsya" the Government introducing a number of blocking measures (customs duties) on devices that support GPS (including avtonavigatory), so again, stir up the Russian market for consumer navigation.

Also there is information that negotiations are under way to bring the draft structures Sistema. Planned installation of the platform module speed mobile Internet, enabling the deployment of a large number of additional services: remote positioning vehicle, the satellite security system, the display on the screen of a multimedia information system of "traffic jams" in real time.

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