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The number of new smartphones in the MTS-Ukraine has exceeded the number of new subscribers

The mobile operator "MTS Ukraine" provided statistics on the use of communications services owners of smartphones running the popular mobile operating systems.

As noted by the operator at the end of the third quarter of 2012 in its network, there were almost 3 million smartphones, which is 1 million more than last year. Thus, the number of new smart phones that are registered in the network in one year exceeded the number of new subscribers during the same period (about 800 thousand).

While still on the market is dominated by devices based on the platform Symbian, the most dynamic growth demonstrate smartphones running OS Android, the number of which, compared to the same period last year increased by five times. Devices on iOS and bada has doubled, but the smartphones' OSes »Windows has increased by only 12%.

The number of smartphones in the MTS network in early September 2012 (top 5 most popular OS):

Symbian - 1600 thousand.;
Android - 640 thousand piece.
iOS - 221 thousand piece.
bada - 207 thousand piece.
Windows Phone / Mobile - 91 thousand.
Owners of smartphones and tablets running Android and iOS are the most active users of mobile Internet services - on average they use about 1 GB of traffic per month. Following them in the ranking are fans of bada. It is these operating systems are leaders in the use of services to reduce the cost of Internet access - "NET at" and a package of Internet traffic.

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