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10 quotes about the Nokia Lumia 920 everyone should read

Okay, we admit it, we get a bit obsessive about checking out reviews of the Nokia Lumia 920. In fact, we can spend hours cruising the Internet for the latest insights, and there’s no wondering why: the Nokia Lumia 920 has been called “strikingly beautiful” by Wired.com, and “smooth and fast and sleek [with] a ton of future-is-here features” by Gizmodo. However, you probably have lot less time on your hands to indulge yourself in this pastime, which is why we’ve picked out the quotes every Lumia lover should read.

“Nokia surprised us all releasing the Lumia 920, a device that in our mind is one of the most innovative smartphones ever created.”


 ”Bold colours, beautiful design, and the outstanding camera set it apart from the current crop of smartphones… In short, with the Lumia 920, the Finnish manufacturer has delivered both style and substance.”


The exclusive apps like Nokia Drive and SkyDrive options are genuinely brilliant and, really, the on-board navigation and clever Local Scout services kick Apple maps into touch – the Nokia 920 makes the best of them.


 “The most advanced Windows Phone yet…It has a gorgeous display, a speedy dual-core processor, and its 8.7-megapixel camera masters low-light shots. In addition, it integrates voice navigation and wireless charging, not to mention a music service that saves music offline for free.”


 “The Lumia 920′s camera is exceptionally good, including a f/2.0 8.7-megapixel sensor, but the magic is in its optical image stabilisation and low-light sensitivity.”

The Next Web

“The 4.5-inch display is also a good’un, crisp and clear it makes watching movies, surfing the web or Facebook stalking an enjoyable experience, thanks to the PureMotion HD technology on offer.”


 ”The Nokia Lumia 920 is sure to garner plenty of looks thanks to its bold color choices. Available in a matte cyan finish or a high gloss red or yellow, the bold color choices that wrap around a black face stand out from a crowd.”


 ”Only [Nokia Lumia 920] has wireless charging capability built in, plus access to exclusive apps like City Lens for turning the handset into an augmented reality tour guide.”


“After days of using the Lumia 920, it’s hard to deny Nokia has delivered a heavyweight player (pun intended) to take on the other smartphones, Windows Phone or otherwise.”


“Swiping around in Windows Phone 8′s various screens yields sharp transitions with crisp motion. If you’re basing your smartphone buying decision on such things, the 920 is your phone.”

 The Verge

“The 920 looks and feels like an Italian space mothership, with everything rounded, polished, weighty, and conspicuous. A lovely object. A 1957 Thunderbird. It’s so, so smooth—I slept with it one night, and it felt great against my skin. It is a beautiful thing to look at.”


You’ve just got to love the Nokia Lumia 920. To find out what else the reviews say about Nokia Lumia 920’s perfect marriage of style and substance, join us perusing the web’s 192 million Google results. If there’s anything crucial you think we’ve missed, let us know in the comments below.

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