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Review: Samsung ATIV S (GT-I8750)

The Ativ S is the new Windows phone 8 phone of Samsung. The phone was announced at the IFA in Berlin in august of 2012. During this review we of SamMobile will take a look at the phone and see if it could reach out to its high expectations.
The Samsung Ativ S Also known as the GT-I8750 is the new child in the Windows Phone 8 line up. The Samsung ATIV S is Samsung’s 4th device based on Windows Phone. Samsung already has the Omnia 7, Omnia W and Omnia M, all Windows Phones by Samsung are having a nice look and feel, but how is the software part? During this review we will take a look at the following points of the phone:
- Specifications
- look and feel
- Interface
- Display
- Camera
- Battery
- Speed
- Conclusion
Look and Feel
One of the most astonishing facts of the Ativ S is the Look and feel, it is an absolute pure beauty. The color and the finishing are of one of the highest standards in the market. This is absolutely one of the flagships of the Windows Phone 8 line. In this section of the review we take a look at every side of the phone.
At the front of the phone you can find the very big Super AMOLED Plus screen, the speaker, the front facing camera, the sensors, the Windows button, the back button and the Bing button where I will talk about later on in this review. You will also find a logo of the brand.
At the back you will find the 8 megapixel camera alongside the LED flash. You will find a small “grill” which hides the speaker of the phone. The most of the back is in a matt finish but at the bottom of the phone you will find a piece of shiny silver very elegant. The will also be some branding signs of the phone of Samsung and Windows.
When the screen is facing you, you will find on the left side the volume rocker, and at the top you will find an extra microphone and the 3.5 mm Audio Jack. At the right side you find the on and off button, (and one of the best things of Windows Phone) the dedicated camera button. At the bottom you will find a micro USB charging point and a microphone as well.


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