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Thin and Light 10-Inch Tablet "Xperia Tablet Z SO-03E"

"Xperia Tablet Z SO-03E" is enabled tablet with Android 4.1 in Xi that Sony Mobile Communications. Will be released in mid-March. Terminal price is expected to be in the first half of the real price of 20,000 yen, including measures such as support and in-store discounts every month.

 10.1 inches which is integrated in view of the same world "Xperia Tablet Z SO-03E", and Smartphone "Xperia Z SO-02E", which was announced at the same time, a tablet with a display WUXGA size (1920 × 1200 pixels).

 Design adopted in common with "Xperia Z" Silhouette of appearance, it has become a 6.9mm thin design that thinness. And weighs about 495g, as the 10-inch class and lightest tablet in Japan. Take the hand, compared with the screen size, thinness and lightness stands out, with a flat appearance, with Android tablet so far strongly impress scandal in the square design.

 It is similar to "Xperia Z" design taste is intensive and curved linear, "Xperia Z" while going on to the glass as well back, the back of the "Xperia Tablet Z" Glass fiber reinforced lightweight is adopted have. Feature for the first time, as a tablet of DoCoMo also be available in two color variations White and Black. The front part of the frame have been unified in black Both models, the model of White, the sides and back are white.

 Corresponding to (IPX5 / 7, IP5X) specification waterproof and dustproof. Sometimes it is waterproof, is shipped with a desktop charging stand is possible. Also features have been designed with a common taste even stand Sony products.

 Built-in stereo speakers, with a "S-Force Front Surround 3D" virtual surround function further. It is now enjoy a more powerful sound. The display cover glass structure and direct touch sensor layer are integrated. Image correction technology with mobile BRAVIA engine 2.

 In terms of UI is equipped with a home application of both common Palette UI and DoCoMo Xperia series own home apps. As a mini-app that also features overlays on top of the other apps, the browser or timer, remote control, and calculator.

 Terminal but Xi, data communication only, does not correspond to voice calls. We are also equipped with a microphone, you can use the phone, such as apps and concier talking IP. Corresponding NFC (non-mobile wallet), NOTTV, SEG, DLNA / DTCP-IP, the Bluetooth 4.0 is in terms of functionality. It can be used as an infrared remote control, such as a television, infrared communication is non-compliant. I just put the charge does not correspond to.

 And can be linked via NFC and smartphones, such as speakers. If held up to the NFC-enabled Bluetooth speakers, for example, pairing is carried out immediately, the music can be played through speakers. I also support "Android Beam" to transfer between terminals Android and URL.

 Includes approximately 8.1 million pixels main camera, the front camera of about 2.2 million pixels. And CMOS sensor "Exmor R for mobile" Sony's backside-illuminated both. It also has features such as high-speed continuous shooting and auto Omakase premium.

 I can not desorb in battery 6000mAh. The built-in quad-core CPU-powered 1.5GHz (APQ8064), storage of 32GB, the memory of 2GB. (37.5Mbps uplink up to 100Mbps / maximum downlink) Xi, GSM.

 The size is about 172 × 266 × 6.9mm and weighs about 495g. Two body colors: White and Black.


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