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Nokia Lumia 520 and 720 passes Indonesian certification

As we’re getting closer to Mobile World Congress 2013, details on what’s about to come for Nokia and Windows Phone are trickling out. Previously we’ve reported that the Finnish manufacturer is planning on releasing several high-end Windows Phone 8 devices later this year – namely the Nokia “EOS”Nokia “Catwalk”, and the Nokia “Laser”. But today several other devices have been rumored to be coming.
First of which comes from the Indonesian wireless radio certification body (via Nokianesia). According to the latest certification listing, Nokia has two lower-end to mid-range devices coming up – the Nokia Lumia 520 and Lumia 720. Check out the screenshot below:
Nokia Lumia 520 and 720
The Indonesian certification body had been quite accurate in revealing what’s coming up for Nokia, with the Nokia Lumia 610 being first confirmed via the same certification listing before its announcement back in February last year (exactly a year ago!). So these two devices are almost certain to be coming our way.
About the devices however, there aren’t much details except for their names, but based on the numbering system we know that they will be low to mid-range devices, and most probably running Windows Phone 8 given they all end in “X20”. Let’s also not forget that we have previously reported rumors of two low to mid-range Nokia Windows Phone 8 devices last year – the Nokia “Zeal” and Nokia “Flame” – both of which has not yet been released (neither of the specifications exactly matches that of the Nokia Lumia 620). As a reminder, below were the rumored specifications of the two phones:
Nokia “Zeal”
  • 4.3” display
  • 1.0GHz dual-core processor
  • 512MB RAM
  • 8GB storage
  • microSD card support
  • “Zune-like” unibody design
  • Windows Phone 8 OS
Nokia “Flame”
  • 4.0” display
  • 1.0GHz dual-core processor
  • 512MB RAM
  • 4GB storage
  • microSD card support
  • 5MP camera
  • Windows Phone 8 OS
Now if we speculate a bit and compare these specs to the existing devices, it’s possible that the Nokia “Zeal” could be the Lumia 720, and the Nokia “Flame” being the Lumia 520. In fact, speaking of the Nokia “Flame”, recent rumors from TmoNews indicated that the device might be coming to T-Mobile in April (4/24 to be exact), according to a leaked T-Mobile roadmap the website managed to obtain. Check it out below:
Nokia Flame
So with the Nokia “EOS”, “Catwalk”, “Laser”, and now the Lumia 720 and 520, could we possibly see Nokia revealing five new Windows Phone 8 devices at Mobile World Congress this year? With only a few weeks to go, all will be revealed during their press conference on February 25 at 9am (Barcelona time). Stay tuned!

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