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Nokia Lumia 1000 with new Pure View Cam already MWC in 2 weeks?

The Nokia Lumia appeared in 1000 for the first time in a database and lets chinessischen suggests that it is already presented to the Mobile World Congress in February. Whether this is also the first Lumia with a similar camera sensor as the Pure View 808 (41MP) then, we can only guess so far.

Before we do the same speculation chest widely open, our cover for this story here is of course only a symbol and photo shows a Lumia 920 , but I thought that just comes rueber optically better than the MWC invitation to the Finns

We were once again searching in different databases, and online stores in the deepest aka East Asia and have let us be guided by the speculation that Nokia on various new Lumia smartphones works.

Firstly, aluminum variants of Lumias expected and the other at the moment quite a lot of arrows pointing to the ultimate camera phone with WP 8.The codenamed Nokia Lumia EOS developed smartphone should it continue the sensational camera the last Symbian platform, the Nokia Pure View 808th

Now we have a database of China Mobile, the Nokia Lumia discovered 1000 and even if it this approximately zero point zero is more, it confirms at least the existence of this platform and lets speculate us thus whether as the Lumia 1000 not already been at MWC be seen in Barcelona.

So you can still discuss about 2.5 weeks speculating about it, and wonder when the Lumia is 1000 and above all, whether we'll see a new flagship of Nokia.

It will be exciting!


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