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Samsung proprietary smartphone OS 'sea' disappears

Other Intel, etc. together the OS to absorb anymore

(Barcelona) honors books Yonhap News reporter Samsung [005930] proprietary Linux-based smart phone operating system (OS) 'sea' is likely to disappear soon.

Oversees software and content business of Samsung Electronics Hong Won Pyo Media Solutions Center (MSC) held in Barcelona, ​​Spain, 24th (local time), president of the existing sea OS "(other OS when now) is absorbed," he said at a press conference .

Other now, including Samsung Electronics, SK Telecom [017670] Huawei Intel 'other to earn a co-development of the Union' now the new smartphone OS.

Hong, president of the "simple absorption rather than the previously thought to provide better services seems to be good," said "The fact that the structure of the existing sea OS completely smartphones structure was not," he explained.

Sea the other now replaced by the sea mount 'Wave' smartphone's original application (App) other smartphone now can be written.

Plans, however, do not support it now to upgrade to other OS Samsung Electronics 'wave' of the terminal was sold with sea

Other Union is the world's largest mobile communications exhibition MWC (Mobile World Congress), which kicks off in Barcelona on 25 now said to be planning to open the meetings to the World reporters development-in-progress to share.


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