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Samsung proprietary smartphone OS `sea` disappear

Other Intel, etc. together the OS to absorb anymore

Hong Won Pyo Media Solutions Center (MSC) president oversees software and content business of Samsung Electronics is expected to be gone soon, Samsung's Linux-based proprietary smartphone operating system (OS) `sea` 24 (local time) existing sea OS "(other OS when now) is absorbed at a press conference held in Barcelona, ​​Spain, he said. Quinta now Intel, SK Telecom, Huawei, Samsung, `other` Union now earn co-developing new smartphone OS is Red "simple absorption rather than the previously thought to provide better services seems to be good," the president said, "The fact that the structure of the existing sea OS completely smartphones structure was not," he explained. ocean to the other now replaced when the sea mount `Wave` other's original smartphone applications (apps), now on the smartphone can be written. , Samsung Electronics was sold to mount sea `Now that you upgrade to the other terminal of OS` wave are not going to support.


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