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5 great Nokia Lumia 920 camera tips videos

If you’ve got a Nokia Lumia 920, the likelihood is you love the camera. And you’re not alone, Mashable said of the world’s most innovative smartphone, “It runs like a dream and has one of the best cameras ever built into a smartphone.” Needless to say we’re in complete agreement. But, with such an incredibly sophisticated piece of kit, it can be tough get the most out of your Nokia Lumia 920 camera. Happily, Rankin Film Productions have teamed up with Nokia to give you some top tips. Here’s the first four of their videos plus another bonus tip.
Everything you need to know about ISO
If you can’t tell your ISO from your OIS, then this video will make everything crystal clear.
Get to grips with exposure
If the exposure setting are giving you headache, Alex from Rankin has the cure.
Get creative with creative studio
If you want to get even more out of the Nokia exclusive apps, Creative studio, today is your lucky day.
 Learn more about white balance
Understanding white balance has got many a person in a muddle. If you’re one of them, this video explains all.
Discover the easy way to snap and share
Our final bonus video, from the guys and girls at Nokia Care, gives a couple of quick tips on how to snap and share your special moments more easily.
Hopefully, these top tips will help you become an even better Nokia Lumia 920 photographer. If there’s any others you can think of, we’d love to hear them in the comments below.

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