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MTS and "Golden Crown" project launched in Novosibirsk to pay for public transportation with a mobile phone

Telecommunications operator MTS system of payment services, which belongs to Center of Financial Technologies, "Golden Crown", announced the commercial launch of the service "Mobile Ticket" for travel on public transport in Novosibirsk with a mobile phone by means of technology NFC.

Now, for travel in the metro, as well as all kinds of public transport are Novosibirsk, connected to the transmission system "electronic travel" passenger-MTS subscribers enough to make the phone to the turnstile or terminal conductor. Fare in accordance with the tariff of the carrier and with the discounts available to them deducted from your mobile phone bill. To connect to the service enough to get in the salons of the MTS set "Mobile Ticket" with a special SIM-card or replace at SIM-card to a new, supportive service "Mobile Ticket".

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